Monday, May 4, 2009

My Roomate Has The Swine Flu / Knock Me Down Me

Ok, Claire does not have the swine flu. But do you know Claire? I mean, do you know what IS the Claire? Last Tuesday, she was whisked away to the hospital and put in quarantine. Why? She was very very sick with flu-like symptoms and she went to Scotland the week before. So the Irish concluded that she most have swine flu. So after 24+ in seclusion, she was finally released. Guess what? SHE DOESN"T HAVE SWINE FLU. But she is mentioned here:
Tests on four Irish negative as swine flu cases increase - The Irish Times - Wed, Apr 29, 2009
I will see if I can post the funny text message pics she sent me while horrified in isolation. She said they attacked her in BUBBLE SUITS.

In other news, I also traveled to Belfast and Giant's Causeway with a bunch of friends. We did the Black Cab Tour, which took us to murals and the giant wall dividing the Protestants and Catholics. Oh, the troubles. I tried to write on the peace wall and failed. Here is a vid proving it.

I have a low mental capability. But I try.

Giant's Causeway was by FAR the coolest natural site I have been to in Ireland. SO COOL. I don't think pictures do it justice.

This is the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge.

Short visit to Bushmill's Whiskey Distillery: the oldest in the world.

Trevor and I at Dunluce Castle.
The Causeway.

All was well until a wave attacked me.

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