Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sarah learns to tell a joke

Yes, I did. I really did. And for your information, this was the joke:

"I cut myself shaving last week -- but I swear I wasn't crying out for attention."

I know. Really rich. Really clever. Perhaps you are wondering why I am writing jokes. Well, I finally got in touch with someone in the Comedy Society. Actually, they had responded to me a month ago, but I failed to  check my spam box until last week. ANYWHO, I went to this stand-up comedy workshop on Monday night, which was balls of fun (craic, I mean craic). If I stick with it, I will actually perform a stand up routine in mid March. I did discover, as you may have ascertained from the joke above, that I am not very good at writing jokes. So, my homework for next week is to write two minutes of jokes on religion. Right up my alley. 

BUT before I can do that, I need to plan my weekend. Why, you ask? MY MUMMY AND SISTER ARE VISITING. I am very excited. I am going to be a big tourist for the next few days. Then, after that, I am going to London for three days... I will see my old friend Chelsea. I say "old" both because we were friends in middle school and she is also like 16 months older than me.

The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is this weekend as well -- WOW so much to do! What films should I see? Anyone have any suggestions at all?