Saturday, April 4, 2009

Irish Grading System: Nobody Likes You

There's nothing like some shit grades to remind you that you aren't just on vacation but in school.

My first grade of a 43 was on my International Economics midterm. I knew I blew that one. I could feel it, even if I didn't know i did that bad.

My second grade I had confidence in. I have never worked as long as I did on my Democracy and Development essay. Seriously, I did so much research, I wanted to do well. I got my grade (or "mark" as they say) back yesterday.



Don't they realize that my GPA is going to be bombed this semester? Not to mention that these are both one of two grades that will make up my final grade.

I remember back to when my mentor was so excited she got a 41 on a test. "I didn't fail! I didn't fail!"

I should explain the grading scale, I guess. The rough conversion is 70+ is an A, 65-70 is an B+, 60-64 is a B-, 55-59 is a C+, 50-54 is a C-, 45-49 is a D+, 40-44 is a D-, and below 40 is an F.

So, I am very unhappy. My finals are going to stress me out, and that will be a super fun way to end my study abroad experience. CAN TRINITY BE LESS HARD PLEASE?

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  1. Yeah, PSU should really scrap their whole grade conversion thing and let us do pass/fail like any normal university.

    Good luck with the rest of your stuff.