Monday, March 16, 2009

I did IT. And IT was grand.


It's now St. Patrick's day eve, and because I fear I may be too zonked to post then, I will have to now, before I leave on my 8 DAY TRIP. WOOT.

Right now, I'm on my long ass break. Last week, I turned in my first graded assignment for Trinity titled "Tabling the Torturer Problem in Argentina: The Grey Zone between Forgiveness and Punishment". I know, really REALLY fun stuff. I also took my first test. It raped me. And as one of my fellow comedians commented, maybe I shouldn't have been taking my test in a dark alley.

Speaking of comedians, I am one now! Kinda. Well, whatever, screw you, I have at least a month where I can call myself one. This past Thursday, the 13th, I performed stand up along with 6 other talented students at Bowes in Dublin. I was just glad I didn't blank out and forget everything. I've embedded the video into the site, so luckily for you, it can be watched by all! But if you are one of my Penn State friends, don't watch it, because I plan on using the material on you next fall and pretending that I just made it up then. Or, watch it, and then go along with it. Whichever.

Sarah Attempts Stand Up Comedy from Sarah Burton on Vimeo.


  1. hahahaha that was SO good!! don't worry, i'm a pretty good actress, so i'll just go along with it next year. actually, that may have been a lie, but i'll still come see your shows next year! :)

    also, is that mike laughing?! it has to be him...that laugh is SO unique!

  2. oh my gosh yayy i loved it! also mike's laughter in the background.

  3. haha i was not aware of my "unique" laugh...? are you sure you're not hearing claire?

  4. Where can I get my "There's nothing worse than having sex with a friend. Unless your friend is a dog." t-shirt?